Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Wow! Ok, well I absolutely El- Oh- Ve- Ee animal prints. They always make an outfit look so original and edgy. Daytime, nightime, all time.
Where to start...
I must be the worst vegetarian on the planet. I won't eat meat, no. BUT... ok... I cannot resist fur... Or leather now I think about it... Last S/S I attended the London Fashion Weekend in London and after the catwalk I went browsing around the designer stores. When I was browsing, I came across the most gorgeous fur coat known in history... Sigh. By Dolce & Gabbana. And ok- this is when I become a bad vegetarian- I tried it on and fell in love. I'm afraid that this love, however, was unrequited. 16,000 pounds unrequited. The emotions that flooded through me were amazing. The touch of the fur against my skin, the satin lining sliding over my arms as I lifted the heavy garment onto my body and walked over to the mirror. It couldn't have been described as anything, but love.
After that I actually went slightly crazy and danced around this store full of fur coats stroking each of them...
Enough about fur- animal print.
Animal prints are normally based on the jungle animals that they are either taken from or copied. You have leopard print, zebra print, cheetah print. You also have the reptile prints; snake skin, crocodile skin. AND birds such as the peacock can be used in accessories or patterns. Lastly you can have more common animals such as dogs; most commonly dalmatians.

The Chanel Fall Collection 2010 showed LOTS of fur and in ways that didn't look tacky or over the top. The colours are bold and are not particular animal prints, but still displayed the same cosy effect. I like the fur boots because they remind me of fur boots I have seen in Cyberdog in Camden- meant for clubbing, look super cool and would definitely stand out. The colours they have used for the boots remind me of ice and winter scenes. 

God loved the birds and invented trees.  Man loved the birds and invented cages.  -Jacques Deval, Afin de vivre bel et bien

And then I look at something like this... And I feel sick... Wearing a gorgeous fur coat is irresistible, but when it's something that would constantly remind you that fur kills- fur is not fashion. 
I feel awful saying that I love fur fashion when animals are being killed in the process... I think I might stick to faux fur in the future!

The aviator jacket is a fantastic example of how to accessorise with fur without going over the top plus they look amazingly sexy and fit right in with the recent military, vintage fashion epidemic. This Burberry ad shows their aviator style that flatters the rest of the picture and outfits.
Love for Burberry.

THIS COAT. This coat is gorgeous. And so is Miss Chung. This photograph is actually from December 2009, but I've only recently seen it as I was researching about the coat sold in Topshop for £98- only just come on sale. The pattern could look tacky, but when we see Alexa Chung in it, with those shoes, it's not. I'm just wondering whether it will still be around for long before it unfortunately goes back to being looked upon as tacky...

 Faux fur, False fur, Fabulous fur, Fashion fur. 

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