Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Letter to Karl.

"I am a designer: I hate designers who tell people that they're artists. Chanel never said she was an artist"

Dear Karl Largerfeld,
I am writing to let you know how very much I am in love with you. With your classic style and taste I am happy to see you as the creative director of Chanel. I know this letter will possibly never reach you, but I am writing to you anyway, to confess the love for your art.

As you may have gathered from my previous articles- my all time favourite designer and label is Coco Chanel. Yes- I check EVERY day and yes- I have watched "Coco Before Chanel" at least a million times and yes- I follow EVERY collection EVERY season and yes- I have read her biography and yes- I do have posters of her up in my bedroom. Some could call it an obsession, I call it passion. 
So anyway Karl, I loved your work from when you were without the Chanel connection and most of the unique designs make my heart flutter:

The first image is of the K for Karl campaign in 09, taken by Karl to abbreviate the simplicity of his sharp designs into one attractive shot. The second image shows four different outfits from the Paris Fashion Week 09 and I am sorry, but oh my gosh! The second outfit is my favourite, but I El- Oh-Ve- Ee LOVE the socks and trouser combination from the third, it is just so cute! I admit the second photograph set is taken from Chanel, so not entirely Karl's own label- but even so by comparing his style of design and the original Chanel style, we can definitely see his view shining through.
Along with being an amazing designer and creative director his photography skills are immense:

"I am scared of crowds, and I am tired of being photographed."

And once again the gorgeous Emma Watson pops up- she should really know how much I envy her- she has absolutely everything. She's had a photo shoot with Karl darling Largerfeld! Oh, how the jealousy won't stop.

He is amazingly talented and ofcourse the Chanel side of him is definitely a stunning one...
For example the campaign focussing on the handbags, starring Lily Allen!

When I first saw these photos in adverts I was like woah that looks an awful lot like Lily Allen. I then googled- story of my life- and found that it was! and that she had recently bought a Chanel bag, accessorised it with a couple of outfits shown in the media and VOILA she had been asked to model for them!

I have also been watching- religiously- the Chanel ready- to- wear, haute couture and Fashion Week fashion shows and have noticed the unique ways in which Karl likes to present his work. From the S/S Haute Couture Pavillon Cambon- Capucines in Paris, January this year to the A/W Haute Couture show in the Grande Palais in Paris. Oh the gold lion was an amazing idea for setting and I loved the whole theme of it.

"I don't make an effort. I have a vision. I don't know when, I don't know how, but suddenly it's on the paper."

You honestly cannot beat a Chanel show. If only someone would invite me to one!

So darling Karl Largerfeld, my letter reaches an end and I must conclude that I am passionately in love with your and your work. You are an amazing inspiration.

Love, Emily.

P.S. I would love you even more if you'd invite me to a show... Maybe bring me along to the Paris Fashion Week next February for your S/S collection, cheers.

Alexa Chung wrote "Dear Vogue, I went to the Chanel couture show yesterday and it blew my mind. I would love to meet Karl because he's hilarious and different and interesting. Please, please, please..."
- So the lucky thing was in the July Vogue documenting her Date with Karl. I think I might just write in and try the same thing.

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