Saturday, 9 October 2010

i just woke up, allez en route.

"sunday, wake up. give me a cigarette. last night's love affair is looking vunerable in my bed."

The bed hair look after a long night out is not as bad as it sounds and we have been seeing a lot of the rugged look over the last year. I personally have permanent bed hair- hence the fact I'm such a fan. An example is an immense model who I absolutely LOVE, Lara Stone. She has been one of my favourite models for a while now she has gappy teeth like me and she's in no way afraid of showing it. I mean how gorgeous does she look in this November's Vogue?! Thinking about it, I first read about her in the December issue and ever since- it's been love.

And then of course there is the beautiful fashion icons; the Olsen Twins:

From this, and many other hints such as the "beach waves" looks, I am guessing and praying that the back- combed morning look is a good one seeing as I have to live with it...
Going out in the evening is meant for messing up your hair. If it isn't, I don't know how else you have fun? Dancing slowly so that your hair stays in perfect condition? I don't think so.

Fashions have sourced from this scruffiness. You've now got the amazing worker boots, over sized jumpers, excessive smudgy eye- liner and baggy knee- high socks. If anyone tells you that you look scruffy- they're obviously no fun!

I just woke up. Allez en route!

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