Sunday, 10 October 2010

photography freak out.

In love with my dress. Topshop is God. The scarf for a belt- stolen from my mother's collection. Trilby style hat- found at the bottom of my wardrobe from, what, year 4? Worker Boots- Claudia Ghiggani! 
I have the SLR Camera bug so badly. My Uncle will have a lot of work trying to get it back! I'm half way through saving up for one. Can't wait! It almost sleeps with me I love using it so much. 
As much as I enjoy black and white photography- a bedroom wall is full of old 1940s-60s black and white posters- I do love colours. Colour, colour, colour. It can brighten up a  photo, darken it, make it look playful, make it look scary, make it look pretty, make it look ugly. Photography is dependent on colour- even black and whites. Another thing dependent on colour is fashions. It wouldn't be right if my worker boots were bright yellow... I have nothing against the colour yellow, I recently inherited a yellow Lyle and Scott jumper which is gorgeous, but worker boots... no.

If only I could marry fashion. Until death do we part.


  1. this is why i hate you.

    gosh ems, you are so pretty and lovely. your fashion intelligence is too fab and amazing for words. this is why you are my best friend.

    i love you.
    the ginger freak who you love.

  2. i love you!
    thankyou lovely, i'm happy you like it!
    the brunette freak who you love.

  3. Emily i looove these photos!
    i think im extremely jealous of you

  4. Aw, thanks Olivia! I think I'm extremely jealous of you too- Why didn't I know about the Carnaby Catwalk thing?! You absolutely HAVE to tell me if there are more like that in London!