Thursday, 21 October 2010

Oversized Vs Stretched.

Everyone has their favourite baggy cardigan, jumper or T- shirt that looks amazing with everything for the day. Everyone has their favourite figure- hugging dress or top that looks amazing with everything for the night.
They're both styles that can look good, but decided which style you prefer; oversized or stretched, is difficult. The thing is- you could wear tight clothes in the day and baggy for a night out- it's not set in stone that they HAVE to be worn when appropriate. Which is why I love them.

... And yes, I am so sadly in love with the olsen twins that I couldn't resist using at least one photo of them in this article...

These photos are taken from the Preen  A/W New York Fashion week 09, but they are definitely kicking body- con out of the picture for sure. The last photo is also from the same catwalk, but there is a clear distinction between this and the oversized garments. I REALLY like the first dress because of its simplicity and classic style, but I have to admit I find the other oversized outfits slightly over the top. And then, there's the last photo... Which does look amazing and I'm seeing a bit of the Mark Fast stretched style which I love.

MARK FAST. sigh.

And then you have those guys who take it a bit too far and think it's cool to wear their jeans around their ankles they're so baggy. I just don't get why they'd want to look like fools! Nice boyfriend jeans are acceptable, but which the whole oversized arse show- maybe not. 

There's also that stage where all you want to do is forget how stupid we all used to find it when teachers tucked their shirts into there trousers and wear all of our most baggiest tops along with some high waisted shorts or trousers.

And this. I must say. Is a look I fell madly in love with the summer.
I can't wait for next summer to get out the high waisted shorts again.



Whether you're oversizing and undersizing your clothes it can look great. It's so cold outside at the moment and it's definitely going to get colder so I'm thinking for the time being- oversizing may be in the lead in this continuous war. 
But if it's a war? Let there never be peace.


  1. bit of both really, but i prefer oversizing. i love cropped high-waisted trousers with an oversized chiffon blouse tucked in, though, with a pair of loafers or wedges, mmm.

  2. haha i love this post :) and like megan, a bit of both is gooood

  3. hmm i'm not sure, but i thought a quote from clueless would be rather appropriate to add here. i am so sad.

    'so okay, i don't want to be a traitor to my generation and all but i don't get how guys dress today. i mean, come on, it looks like they just fell out of bed and put on some baggy pants and take their greasy hair - ew - and cover it up with a backwards cap and we're supposed to swoon? i don't think so.'