Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Wow! Ok, well I absolutely El- Oh- Ve- Ee animal prints. They always make an outfit look so original and edgy. Daytime, nightime, all time.
Where to start...
I must be the worst vegetarian on the planet. I won't eat meat, no. BUT... ok... I cannot resist fur... Or leather now I think about it... Last S/S I attended the London Fashion Weekend in London and after the catwalk I went browsing around the designer stores. When I was browsing, I came across the most gorgeous fur coat known in history... Sigh. By Dolce & Gabbana. And ok- this is when I become a bad vegetarian- I tried it on and fell in love. I'm afraid that this love, however, was unrequited. 16,000 pounds unrequited. The emotions that flooded through me were amazing. The touch of the fur against my skin, the satin lining sliding over my arms as I lifted the heavy garment onto my body and walked over to the mirror. It couldn't have been described as anything, but love.
After that I actually went slightly crazy and danced around this store full of fur coats stroking each of them...
Enough about fur- animal print.
Animal prints are normally based on the jungle animals that they are either taken from or copied. You have leopard print, zebra print, cheetah print. You also have the reptile prints; snake skin, crocodile skin. AND birds such as the peacock can be used in accessories or patterns. Lastly you can have more common animals such as dogs; most commonly dalmatians.

The Chanel Fall Collection 2010 showed LOTS of fur and in ways that didn't look tacky or over the top. The colours are bold and are not particular animal prints, but still displayed the same cosy effect. I like the fur boots because they remind me of fur boots I have seen in Cyberdog in Camden- meant for clubbing, look super cool and would definitely stand out. The colours they have used for the boots remind me of ice and winter scenes. 

God loved the birds and invented trees.  Man loved the birds and invented cages.  -Jacques Deval, Afin de vivre bel et bien

And then I look at something like this... And I feel sick... Wearing a gorgeous fur coat is irresistible, but when it's something that would constantly remind you that fur kills- fur is not fashion. 
I feel awful saying that I love fur fashion when animals are being killed in the process... I think I might stick to faux fur in the future!

The aviator jacket is a fantastic example of how to accessorise with fur without going over the top plus they look amazingly sexy and fit right in with the recent military, vintage fashion epidemic. This Burberry ad shows their aviator style that flatters the rest of the picture and outfits.
Love for Burberry.

THIS COAT. This coat is gorgeous. And so is Miss Chung. This photograph is actually from December 2009, but I've only recently seen it as I was researching about the coat sold in Topshop for £98- only just come on sale. The pattern could look tacky, but when we see Alexa Chung in it, with those shoes, it's not. I'm just wondering whether it will still be around for long before it unfortunately goes back to being looked upon as tacky...

 Faux fur, False fur, Fabulous fur, Fashion fur. 

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Oversized Vs Stretched.

Everyone has their favourite baggy cardigan, jumper or T- shirt that looks amazing with everything for the day. Everyone has their favourite figure- hugging dress or top that looks amazing with everything for the night.
They're both styles that can look good, but decided which style you prefer; oversized or stretched, is difficult. The thing is- you could wear tight clothes in the day and baggy for a night out- it's not set in stone that they HAVE to be worn when appropriate. Which is why I love them.

... And yes, I am so sadly in love with the olsen twins that I couldn't resist using at least one photo of them in this article...

These photos are taken from the Preen  A/W New York Fashion week 09, but they are definitely kicking body- con out of the picture for sure. The last photo is also from the same catwalk, but there is a clear distinction between this and the oversized garments. I REALLY like the first dress because of its simplicity and classic style, but I have to admit I find the other oversized outfits slightly over the top. And then, there's the last photo... Which does look amazing and I'm seeing a bit of the Mark Fast stretched style which I love.

MARK FAST. sigh.

And then you have those guys who take it a bit too far and think it's cool to wear their jeans around their ankles they're so baggy. I just don't get why they'd want to look like fools! Nice boyfriend jeans are acceptable, but which the whole oversized arse show- maybe not. 

There's also that stage where all you want to do is forget how stupid we all used to find it when teachers tucked their shirts into there trousers and wear all of our most baggiest tops along with some high waisted shorts or trousers.

And this. I must say. Is a look I fell madly in love with the summer.
I can't wait for next summer to get out the high waisted shorts again.



Whether you're oversizing and undersizing your clothes it can look great. It's so cold outside at the moment and it's definitely going to get colder so I'm thinking for the time being- oversizing may be in the lead in this continuous war. 
But if it's a war? Let there never be peace.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

the swinging sixties comeback.

Sixties fashion is breath- taking. 


They had it all. Not that I'm ungrateful for the age I live in now- most of these fashions have come back into trend- but I still can't help being jealous of my Nan.

Twiggy is by far my favourite model from the sixties and even now I still love her look.

"Confusion is the best form of communication. It's left to be unexplained."

She was a fresh take on fashion with her skinny body and her big eyes and distinguished hair cut. She kick started everything swinging about the sixties. 

C'mon how many of the listed styles from the sixties, above, have you seen recently? Leotards, hotpants, mini skirts, pencil skirts, back- combed beehives, animal prints, dusty colours, military style and pop arts. Even though I didn't get to live in the sixties- we're living most of the fashions again right now.

Especially in photography over the last few months it has been shown in such a dusty, blurred view which looks ever so cool.

The second image is pretty immense, n'est- il pas?

Then there's the miniskirt. Sigh. Thank the lord for this fashion. It would be hell if everyone had to walk about with skirts such as my school skirt... Don't get me wrong, I love long dresses and skirts, as long as they're gorgeous, but I couldn't live with covering myself up religiously everyday. There's nothing wrong with showing a little flesh. The mini skirt practically defines the sixties...

- Andy Warhol.

The sixties is definitely a fashion turn around and if it hadn't happened when it did, it would have happened soon enough after...
It's an explosive era which cannot be kept strapped down, even now.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Letter to Karl.

"I am a designer: I hate designers who tell people that they're artists. Chanel never said she was an artist"

Dear Karl Largerfeld,
I am writing to let you know how very much I am in love with you. With your classic style and taste I am happy to see you as the creative director of Chanel. I know this letter will possibly never reach you, but I am writing to you anyway, to confess the love for your art.

As you may have gathered from my previous articles- my all time favourite designer and label is Coco Chanel. Yes- I check EVERY day and yes- I have watched "Coco Before Chanel" at least a million times and yes- I follow EVERY collection EVERY season and yes- I have read her biography and yes- I do have posters of her up in my bedroom. Some could call it an obsession, I call it passion. 
So anyway Karl, I loved your work from when you were without the Chanel connection and most of the unique designs make my heart flutter:

The first image is of the K for Karl campaign in 09, taken by Karl to abbreviate the simplicity of his sharp designs into one attractive shot. The second image shows four different outfits from the Paris Fashion Week 09 and I am sorry, but oh my gosh! The second outfit is my favourite, but I El- Oh-Ve- Ee LOVE the socks and trouser combination from the third, it is just so cute! I admit the second photograph set is taken from Chanel, so not entirely Karl's own label- but even so by comparing his style of design and the original Chanel style, we can definitely see his view shining through.
Along with being an amazing designer and creative director his photography skills are immense:

"I am scared of crowds, and I am tired of being photographed."

And once again the gorgeous Emma Watson pops up- she should really know how much I envy her- she has absolutely everything. She's had a photo shoot with Karl darling Largerfeld! Oh, how the jealousy won't stop.

He is amazingly talented and ofcourse the Chanel side of him is definitely a stunning one...
For example the campaign focussing on the handbags, starring Lily Allen!

When I first saw these photos in adverts I was like woah that looks an awful lot like Lily Allen. I then googled- story of my life- and found that it was! and that she had recently bought a Chanel bag, accessorised it with a couple of outfits shown in the media and VOILA she had been asked to model for them!

I have also been watching- religiously- the Chanel ready- to- wear, haute couture and Fashion Week fashion shows and have noticed the unique ways in which Karl likes to present his work. From the S/S Haute Couture Pavillon Cambon- Capucines in Paris, January this year to the A/W Haute Couture show in the Grande Palais in Paris. Oh the gold lion was an amazing idea for setting and I loved the whole theme of it.

"I don't make an effort. I have a vision. I don't know when, I don't know how, but suddenly it's on the paper."

You honestly cannot beat a Chanel show. If only someone would invite me to one!

So darling Karl Largerfeld, my letter reaches an end and I must conclude that I am passionately in love with your and your work. You are an amazing inspiration.

Love, Emily.

P.S. I would love you even more if you'd invite me to a show... Maybe bring me along to the Paris Fashion Week next February for your S/S collection, cheers.

Alexa Chung wrote "Dear Vogue, I went to the Chanel couture show yesterday and it blew my mind. I would love to meet Karl because he's hilarious and different and interesting. Please, please, please..."
- So the lucky thing was in the July Vogue documenting her Date with Karl. I think I might just write in and try the same thing.