Wednesday, 31 July 2013

I'm back!

After an overly prolonged break, I'm back to write and keep you updated on the beautifully, rose- tinted way in which I view fashion. Only the best parts of course, that's all we really care about, isn't it?
During my absence, I have been writing for a joint blog with two of my closest friends at so check it out! I'm the fashion features writer, however the blog touches upon all sorts of lifestyle aspects including food and beauty also.
I'll post soon and will be revamping the site for an all new look, exciting stuff!
Hope you've missed me!
the fashion apostle xxx

Monday, 22 July 2013

Star by Julien MacDonald

Hey hey! So, basically I was given a load of handbag samples from the designers and buyers at Debenhams so I thought I'd write a few reviews on them to share. Most of them are next season's pieces, however some are in store right now. Bear in mind that these are samples and therefore have been developed further, so it is likely that they will not be exactly the same on purchasing the item.

To start with, Star by Julien Macdonald has been a truly successful range at Debenhams since 2003. The current range in stores at the moment is very striking and sophisticated. This snake curved tote is in store right now for the selling price of £55 and you can buy it (here) It can be told from the photographs that there are slight alterations to the design on the gold plates and also the lining which is not pictured below.
This bag was one of my favourites from those of which I received because it's not a boring black, which my bags tend to be, and the snake zip embellishment isn't something I'd normally go for either. Snake is a definite trend for this Spring/ Summer, so if you haven't invested in a Summer piece as of yet, I recommend this. You can never go wrong with handbags, they can last years and you'll never grow out of them, they're an investment- well, that's what I tell myself every time I buy something over £50 anyways...

Thanks, Emily X

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

just hanging

Found this image on my PC from a project a couple of years ago. Still have every piece lying around my room. Especially love the white hair bow that I found in a cute little vintage boutique in the Brighton lanes!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

A fairy tale world, up the road...

I felt as though I had walked straight into a fairy tale land far, far away... Perhaps Narnia fits the criteria perfectly?

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Charity shop soft spot- Aquascutum Shirt

So a few friends and I work in this British Heart Foundation charity shop for a couple of hours a week and most of the clothes are the most disgusting things I've seen in my life, but there's a special blue box (sigh) that has all the "high label fashion" as they call it and when we have to do the tagging that tends to be the box I go to to search through.
 I've always had a soft spot for charity shops and have been able to find some amazing pieces, for example my beauts satchel bag I found in the downstairs of an Oxfam in Southfield when doing a visual merchandising course and the woman gave it to me for two quid! I was like, err okay that's cool... *runs outside a cries with happiness*
Therefore I was sort of hoping that the charity shops in Wallington would be equally as successful, however I did have my doubts... As it is Wallington... But as I was working in there the other week I stumbled across a blouse in the red box (average brands eg Marks&Sparks) and it was so nice! Cream with three blue strips down the front fastened by little gold buttons! I went to tag the label and realised that it in fact read "Aquascutum" in amongst mark&sparks.... not so sure. So I asked the guy, Simon, who was in the room with us if I should tag it as a "high label" piece and to my utter disgust he replied that he had never heard of Aquascutum. I almost died. Then my friend Charmaine also turned around and said she had no idea. To which I really did almost die.
So I bought it- it will obviously be much more loved in my company- and for £2.80!!
Today's the first day I've had the chance to wear it, to sixth form open day, but even so it's a memorable occassion. Slightly odd that I treat my clothes as though they were people, but never mind.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Haven't posted since june...

I am a complete foney at this whole blogging thing. Apparently you're meant to be blogging about 8- or something ridiculous like that- times a day, but ever so sorry to dissapoint, but i do have a life! However I am going to try to blog more frequently, think I might start with one post a day and work my way up...
I had a look at the blog's stats the other day and found that it was still getting quite a few views per day so i thought i might as well share something new.
I'm typing all of this off of my phone by the way as I thought it would make it easier to blog more frequently so I apologise in advance for any spelling mistakes and how it looks on the pc...
Anyway this was just my little warning, I will blog tomorrow at some point so have a look! Night all xxx

Saturday, 4 June 2011

London men.

My iPod died yesterday on the way home from an amazingly exciting day working with costume and textiles designer Nicola Killeen at Pinewood Studios and being the lazy bum that I am- never charged it. Therefore I had to find something else to do for the journey to Hackney. Sooooooo I write this article into pocketword on my ancient brick of a phone whilst drinking a shitty cup of coffee and eating the most pathetic blueberry muffin (early morning organisation isn't my thing) and I've just finished playing a, somewhat perverted, game by myself on the bus. Watching Londoners race past and saying yes or no in my head as to whether I'd... marry them? Kiss them? etc? Well, anyway it turned out to be an awful lot of no, no, no, no, no, no, no with the occasional yes...Which led me to thinking how unfortunate most men are in their looks...Which then brought my attention to the fact that the majority of people passing by were men! I'd say 75% were men which sort of shocked me a bit.
The stereotypical London male worker in my mind is in business of some sort, in an office somewhere, who strolls around in a clean cut BLACK Hugo Boss suit with a brief case clutched under one arm. And by the looks of things I'm growing more and more disappointed in the way that male Londoners express themselves. No artistic flare to be seen. And why does every suit I see have to be black?! Where is the bloody colour?!
However one very beautiful Londoner has just appeared in my mind who had the artistic flare of a God-  Mister Lee Alexander McQueen. He had more creativity in one eyelash than these brief case soldiers have in their entire bodies!I truly believe he is an inspiration. And should be for all men. He grew up in Stratford, London being the youngest child of six and found a job along Saville Row at the age of sixteen working in a tailors which is where his journey is said to have begun.
It's just a bit sad to see all of these men passing by with the potential to be as great as McQueen, but instead they're dressing the same every day and working in politics or something boring like that. Fair enough if they want to be smart and enjoy politics, but there must be some other way to appear smart without the repeatitive black?
Maybe then there'd be more yes's than no's...