Wednesday, 3 November 2010

model melt down!

Top ten? If it's possible to narrow it down that much...

10. Linda Evangelista 

She has a sort of angled wide eyed look that suits classic styles very well. I love her as a model because she can portray different visions, such as the bottom left photograph reminds me slightly of Kate Moss, the first photograph of Audrey Hepburn and the third of Twiggy. However that may just be me seeing things...

 9. Tyra Banks

Ah, Tyra. She has such a defined face and gorgeous eyes that all her photographs focus on her face more than the fashion or backgrounds. 

8. Dree Hemingway

Dree is the kind of i've- been- out- all- night- and- in- the- morning- I- look- fabulous girl. She has an edge of her dark side where she can pull off the scruffy look and a side that shows her contrasting innocence. I love her fashion style also and think that she is, as well as being a supermodel, a high street icon.

7. Patricia Van Der Vlier

Surely she is the most beautiful thing you must have seen this week, right? Without make- up, with make- up, natural hair, styled hair- she can just pull off anything. No wonder she was claimed the FACE OF BEAUTY in the Vogue Nippon Beauty in August earlier this year. I would kill to look that good twenty four seven.

6. Agyness  Deyn

DRAMATIC- The word that comes to mind when thinking of Agyness Deyn. With her short hair cut and boyish charm she looks gorgeous on camera. 

5. Daisy Lowe

Her hair creates a blocked frame of her face and with the dark eye liner and lipstick we can see that she is an almost gothic character with a bold dark side. She is rockstar model who can simmers in an ideal black.

4. Anya Rubik

I love her, I love her, I love her. Her hair is ay- may- zing.  It's so classically off the point. Her shoots are unique and anyone could tell that she has her own style even when posing for someone else. (In the case of the last photo: Patrick Demarchelier. Sigh.)

3.Lara Stone

Lara Stone has been an idol of mine for ages now and I still find her inspiring. Her sunken, carved eyes and confident style she is most definitely a supermodel with passion. Plus- I mean wow, her cheek bones in the fourth photo?! Soft or harsh looks, she can master them all.

2. Freja Beha Erichson

Freja is unique and classic. Her natural, minimalistic style is wonderful and her face is beautifully carved. She is probably the best Chanel model, along with Audrey Tatou that I know. She beats Keira Knightley I'm afraid. Choppy, styled and grungey. I love it.

1. Kate Moss

Number One would have to be Miss Moss. She is BRILLIANT. If you saw any of these photos on a billboard outside, you would most definitely say wow. Would you not? Colourful, elegant, stylish, natural and beautiful. Her photos cover all of this. She has even taken modelling one step further and has just this week announced her last range at Topshop and also designs for Longchamp. I am always jubius when models become designers because I never know whether they will always just be after modelling fashion and won't look outside the box. However, Kate has proved this theory wrong. To meet her and Mario Testino- the best combination possible, I would die a million times over!

 "I thought that it would be quite vain to say, I want to be a model"- Kate Moss.

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