Monday, 27 September 2010

kingston fashion week.

My friend and I had planned to go Kingston on Saturday 25th to do some shopping and found out that they had actually been performing live fashion shows from all the major stores amongst the Bentalls centre so we went! We saw three or four of the fashion shows including "Massimo Dutti", "Tommy Hilfiger", "Superdry", "Pandora", "Levi's" and "Guess". Below is a video I took of the Tommy Hilfiger, Levi's and Pandora show!

UUURRGGG. the video won't upload. I'll try to upload it soon though!

I can't remember exactly where the girls' outfits are individually from, but I do remember that they were mainly the gorgeous Tommy Hilfiger accessorised with the Pandora jewellery. I love Tommy Hilfiger and even though I cannot afford it I love walking around their stores as the staff stare at me with disinterest. Pandora on the other hand I have mixed feelings for, I know that other brands such as "Troll" came up with the thick beaded charm bracelets before Pandora did and therefore it makes me think that Pandora is not unique and their ideas are not individual. On the other hand, most of their jewellery is absolutely gorgeous and once again I wish I was able to afford it.

This model's outfit was entirely Tommy Hilfiger and gives off a great look as a classic male statement.

This guy's outfit is Levi's. The great dark blue jeans are an amazing investment as they are quality jeans and the rest of the outfit really compliment them. The structure of the pieces has been very well organised and looks cool yet casual.

It was amazing getting to go to some form of fashion week when I couldn't get to London's even if it was in the Bentall's centre!

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