Monday, 20 September 2010

je t'aime.

omg. holly fulton at LFW Autumn/Winter. God, her designs are so beautiful. 

and then there's marc jacobs... are they trying to kill me? i couldn't go this season and therefore they want to torment me endlessly. i would do anything for marc to know that i exist.

number three. GEORGE CRAIG. i would marry him five times over. Who said men can't mutlti- task? This gorgeous human is both the lead singer of One Night Only, Burberry model and Emma Watson's boyfriend.

oh chung. she is the best. she has Alex Turner and the fashion sense next best to Gabrielle Chanel.

she was a style icon and the beginning of so many trends, if i could meet anyone on this planet, dead or alive i know for certain that it would be her.

number sixxxxxx. Karl Largefeld- if anyone was to take over Coco's role in the Chanel label, there's no one better than Karl. He is inspirational and has produced the most amazing designs, for both his own label and Chanel.

These are a few of my favourite things. - The Sound of Music.


  1. alexa chung, hnng oh dear would i go lesbian for her? i think so, but i'd prefer alex gasgjasfnbaa