Monday, 17 January 2011

A Blizard in Burberry...

The Burberry Prorsum Menswear Autumn/ Winter collection happened yesterday and thanks to the beautiful George Craig's tweet with the link to watch online I was able to watch the amazing show. Sitting down with my hot chocolate and beautiful little magazine- covered notebook and watching the Burberry show, every so often catching a glimpse of George Craig in the front row- heaven!
I don't normally think much of the menswear collections because it tends to be less imaginative and less vibrant (not claiming this is the case for all designers) and I feel sorry for men if I'm being honest... When I sat down to watch this show, however, I tried to get into it and this has definitely been the one show that has brought me love for menswear collections and I'm sure I'll be following them more in the future.
There was a theme of dismal weather, spelling BRITISH through and through, and this continued throughout the show ending with a beautiful raincoat ending to sum it up which I'll talk about in a bit.
Firstly we started to see checks of colours such as browns, reds and black and as the show went on the colours did become more bright and bold and there were some gorgeous shades of tangerine orange which were shown- also becoming popular this Spring/ Summer for women, showing the links between menswear and women's wear. After this bold outburst, the tone dropped and we began to see a mixture of textures in mainly greys, for example I'm sure there were some lovely suede and PVC coats entering!
However, after the brilliant start it went a bit downhill for me... Yellow puffer jackets... Cropped puffer jackets... I physically wanted to die.
And then BOOM. If you thought aviator would be going back out of fashion this Winter, you are terribly wrong I'm afraid because Burberry most certainly brought it back in again. The fur trimmings were extremely beautiful and fur was definitely a theme throughout the catwalk. For example there was a beautifully classic tweed blazer with a fur trim that may seem tacky, but looked fantastic! It finished off the blazer in such an elegant, glamorous manner that makes you want to cry with happiness. Later on in the show, there was also dalmatian print fur to trim coats and I must confess that it all looked very stylish, no matter what people may think about animal prints being tacky...Whilst on the topic of fur, I must admit my hate for the stupid fur hats (that darling Christopher Bailey decided to plonk on top of the model's head, I have no idea what got into him) grew stronger and stronger...
Finally they rounded up the camels and blazer trends that have been followed up from last winter extremely well and even added a gorgeous crocodile clutch to the clean cut blazer outfit- men should definitely carry bags more, it's extremely sexy.
I actually thought the show had finished and I turned away and I suddenly heard rain pouring down... Which of course was my computer- the show hadn't actually finished... Duh. The models came in for their finale dressed in an outfit each cover with a transparent raincoat whilst it poured down on the catwalk. It was so dramatic and beautiful! Really summed the show up well. Loved it.
Here's the link if you want to watch it!
ew. gross. kill me now.

Somehow these outfits can look even better when they're modelled by sex gods.

Yum! Fur trims. Future of coats.

And then there's this... Now this one looks like a badger...

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