Tuesday, 15 February 2011

How Vogue became my obsession.

We've got obsessions...Once upon a time my Dad came back from London and gave me a French magazine- he's like French obsessed- and it was Vogue Paris. I spent ages looking through each page and studying each outfit and each advert and attempting some of the articles... And from then on I've never stopped buying every issue! Unfortunately I only buy the British Vogue because I'm not sure I could subscribe to Vogue Paris from Britain... I could try it though? And so Vogue and I lived happily ever after! THE END.

Vogue has been published in so many countries and HELLO? why wouldn't it be? It's amazing.

And back to my Kate Moss craze. She has appeared on roughly 30 Vogue covers, which is practically 2 and a half years worth of issues, which is immense! Which brings me to how ironic it is that none of the Vogue covers above show her, but oh well... Moving on...

It is starred some of fashion's most iconic stars. Since Vogue New York began in December1892 it has been a massive star hotspot! From Paul Poiret (major love for the guy!) to Alexa Chung there have been celebrities, designers, editors of all sorts running down the hall of Vogue.

I admit, I get fluttery feelings every time I arrive home to find a new Vogue on the kitchen table... And extremely sad though this may be, when I received the March issue a couple of weeks ago I sat down with my coffee and biscuits in the kitchen by myself flicking through the gorgeous pages and I began to interview myself... When my brother walked in he really thought I was some crazed lunatic... I was pretending that I was 22 and I'd worked at Vogue as a fashion photographer/ features editor for two years and "I can [could] imagine the interview for the job like it was yesterday, and now I am [was] being interviewed again as to how I got here, it's all such a strange feeling". Yes... strange seeing as it's not real... 

Well, maybe one day...

You never know.

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