Sunday, 14 November 2010

So, I've been thinking...

I don't understand people who don't understand fashion.
If we didn't have fashion, what would we look like?
We'd be naked.
And okay, I'm personally not up for that.
I guess I understand where they are coming from, I mean, the human body is beautiful and we should be comfortable as ourselves without having to cover up in something that shows a difference. Then again, why do we choose the clothes we choose. Because they represent who we are. And that's what fashion is- a representation of the wearer.
Everyone has a different take on fashion. I like to wear things that I like and yes, I admit in some ways I am a sheep and follow the current fashions, I mean HELLO? camel capes- who wouldn't fall in love with that? But, everyone has their own individual fashion sense- some may be hideous in a certain person's eyes and some absolutely gorgeous.
I like to think that by wanting to go into fashion as a career I won't turn out to be stupid and not care about much more than the latest clog epidemic. I'd like to have more understanding of life and how fashion is an effect and not just something without any thought.
Quite a few people think that I'm extremely dumb- I mean, alright I thought that Dubai was the capital of India, that India was next to Brazil, that Cardiff was the capital of Australia, but that's just geography. Not my strong point. I'd like people to think that I am smart and not that I'm just doing fashion as a career path because I'm not academic enough to do anything else. Fashion is in fact intelligent and complex.
Going back to my previous point, that we would be naked without fashion, every piece of fashion is beautiful in it's each significant way and it is there to embellish our bodies where our complexion and features cannot. If we had sequined eyes with velvet lashes and patterned silk skin, maybe, just maybe, we could go without fashion, we would be our own fashion. But without that, we can only hope that everyone will make the right choices when they go to their wardrobe in the morning and think, what should I wear today? That they will wear fashion that shows off their body and personality for being them. Yourself and no one else.  Being a sheep on the odd occasion is fine, but making the fashion your own is what gives someone the right to wear clothes.

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