Monday, 22 November 2010


Wow, as soon as this month started it was like BOOM- faux fur coats, capes, lace, scarlet, leopard print, tanned beiges, olive, over the knee socks, chunky wool cardigans, aviator, camel, worker boots. Oh my good gracious. In love, or what?
It's this time of year my parents always have a go at me for leaving the house with not enough clothing on, I admit I tend to prefer dressing Summery because you can wear pretty much anything you like and everyone will see it, but in Winter you're forever covering up with scarves and coats. However this year, with the beautiful capes and faux fur coats mixed with boots and thick socks or tights, I realised you can actually wear something gorgeous on top as well as underneath when staying warm! 
I'm hoping to invest in a military cape this Winter, but there are so many different versions and colours!

We're seeing gorgeously embellished capes on the Parisian catwalks, but they're also high street fashion. For example the cape nearest the bottom on the left is a cashmere and wool blend cape by Emilio Pucci who normally uses fantastically inspiring patterns, but has adapted to created this beautiful cape. The second cape is also very nice and the drape of the sleeves and shaping around the middle is definitely a signature cape that is stylish in it's classiness. 

Camel is also a fashion trend of this Winter, which has carried on from the last, and someone fantastic merged the two together. I don't know who they are, but I BLOODY LOVE THEM!
By Isabella Oliver.


 So Dear Dear Dear Santa, pretty please?

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