Tuesday, 1 March 2011

London Fashion Week...

Truly inspiring week.
So I didn't get to go to any of the official catwalk shows, but there's always elle.com/ vogue.com to watch them online...
However, I did get to go to the LFWeekend at Sommerset House on Saturday and saw four collections on the catwalk; the first was "Swan Vesta" which was a mix of garments put together with the inspiration of the film "Black Swan" in mind, the second was the Spring/ Summer '11 collection from Bora Aksu, the third was another mix of pieces names "Lady Brights" which showed the new trend of block colours and contrast and lastly they showed one of my favourite designers Mark Fast and his Spring/ Summer collection.
I only changed the settings after the first couple of collections so please forgive the blurred effects...
Firstly was Swan Vesta
Pink Lobster Devore Dress by William Tempest
Nude Powenet Dress by Bodyamr. Neck Ruff by Kapow Wow Objects
Pink Bodice and skirt by Jasper Conran

White blouse and Sequin Detail skirt by Jasper Garvida
Black Ossie Clark dress from www.shikasuki.com Jewellery by Gemma Lister
Black Flower Dress by Richard Sorger, Socks by Miu Miu, Silver Fox Collar by Rebecca Bradley

Top and bra by Alexander Wang, skirt by Charles Anatase, Collar and bow by Gemma Lister
 Next up was Bora Aksu...

 Then the compilations for Lady Brights...

Short sleeved yellow sweater by www.shikasuki.com, Lilac Pop Chinos by Acne
Buttercup quilted dress by Jasper Conran
Amethyst halter dress by Halston Heritage

Sapphire dress by Halston Heritage
Blue Vintage Lavin blouse, orange silk skirt by Jasper Conran
Bright blue dress by Lungta de Fancy, Stole by Charles Anatase
Coral dress by Jasper Conran
Coral silk shirt by Charles Anatase, Hot blue Vintage skirt

Navy short sleeved jacket and red heart cravat by Miu Miu, Green vintage skirt 
70's turquoise silk chiffon pussy bow skirt from www.shikasuki.com
Vintage Byblos fluorescent pink tutu
50's pink jacket from www.shikasuki.com

 Heart shoes by Vivienne Westwood
Sours platform shoes by Kandee Shoes

And lastly, Mark Fast!

If you have never been to London Fashion Weekend I highly recommend it as it is just such an amazing experience. The clothes that you can find at such great discounts is wowwwww. Par exemple... Dolce and Gabbana dress for around £300 reduced from the original price of £2500... So tempting, so tempting... With a matching chiffon blouse...
There are so many unique, new designers that you can find as well, for example I found a designer there who produced hair accessories that included pieces such as colourful feather headbands and bohemian style turbans in deep colours such as wine red and midnight blue. The name of the label was Pearl and Ivy...
Another thing that you can participate in at London Fashion Weekend is the various events put on by the sponsors. I had a make over by Elizabeth Arden and there was a Toni & Guy hair stylist and Vodaphone Screenings which were all available. However, they do all cost so if you were to go to one I would suggest saving up a bundle of money beforehand...
So that was the weekend, but as for the WEEK. Oh my lord. LOUISE GRAY- head over heals for her collection. Head over beautifully colourful heals!

The extravagance and courage of it all simply takes your breath away.

If i find the time, I'll write up my thoughts on the New York, Milan and Paris fashion weeks too!
But being incredibly lazy doesn't help...

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