Thursday, 19 May 2011

Don't think I'd forgotten about you Vivienne.

(Quickly like to apologise for being a lazy arse and not posting in about 3 months...)

At 69 she is a legend. 
Her style is beyond description.
She's received the British Fashion Designer three times!
The woman has also received an OBE from the Queen leaving her DAME Vivienne Westwood.

However, the purpose of this post isn't to confess my love for her it is to discuss, rather belatedly I must admit, her wonderful Autumn Winter show at Paris Fashion Week in March!
Now, my biggest secret... To watch the show before I ramble on about it follow this link is my saviour...

The show was titled "World Wide Woman" and it showed just that. It was a mix of everything thrown in together in an elegant manner reflecting Vivienne's magical personality. Right from the dramatic, distressed make- up and theme to the metallic styled ensembles.

I loved the quirky combination of preppy suits and glamorous fur. The second image above is full of youth and  the metallics are really chic matched with a pair of seasonal striped socks it is a very chic ensemble.

These boots actually took my breath away...

Have to admit the yellow dress above was my least favourite... It reminds me of Belle from Beauty and the Beast, but with a sickening twist to it. The black netted sleeves are gorgeous, however the combination just doesn't work for me.

Overall, a very dramatic message portrayed by Westwood, distressed, chic and rebellious.

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